“Love and Care” Special Fund
Owing to the increase of cases of social and family problems in Hong Kong, "Love and Care" Special Fund was set up to immediately respond to social needs based on practical action, and to support the urgent needs of social vulnerable groups stricken by poverty, disease, accidents and broken families. Through these assistances, the special fund promotes and spreads the love and care spirit.
The program originated from the love-spreading cum fund-raising activity of the “Video Letters - V-mail Sealed with Love” organized by our centre and RTHK in 2001. Participants and the Hong Kong Housing Association have donated a total amount of over 110 thousand dollars to the "Love and Care” Special Fund to help the social vulnerable groups. Later, our centre further organized charity walk to raise fund for "Love and Care" special fund in 2002.
Convey love and care messages, concern for disadvantaged social groups and build harmonious society.
Current Situation
Since 2001, there are a total of 72 successful applications, and the limit for each application is $5,000.
Because of the continuous upsurge of family problems, the number of applications is growing recently. Our association has therefore decided to scale up the application limit of the "Social Service Programme" from $5,000 each application to $20,000.
It is estimated that from 2008 onwards, there will be 15 cases and 4 programmes applying for the fund annually. Based on this estimation, the remaining sum of "Love and Care" Special Fund will be exhausted in 3 to 4 years time.
An Urgent Appeal
“Love and Care” Special Fund will be used up in 3 to 4 years. We urgently call for support from all generous people in the society for the disadvantaged groups.

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