The target of our services range from children to the elderly. Some of these services bear their own profits and losses; therefore, long-term support by communal donation is much needed for the followings:

  • Farm for The Healthy Aged
  • Elderly Continuing Education Centre
  • Cheng Pon Hing Care and Attention Home for the Elderly / Wan Wah Care of Attention Home for the Elderly
  • Women Affairs Department
  • Family Wellness Centres
Participate in Donation Programmes
  • Support grassroots families to participate in the "Healthy Family Camp"
    Combining professional counseling and adventure activities, the programmes of the 2-day "Healthy Family Camp" are created to rebuild family relationships and prevent family tragedies.

    For sponsorship information, please contact us by e-mail at

  • Support the repair and purchase of equipment for Elderly Homes
    Mobility aids for the elderly (Wan Wah Care of Attention Home for the Elderly)

    For sponsorship, please contact us by email at

“Love and Care” Special Fund
Owing to the increase of cases of social and family problems in Hong Kong, "Love and Care" Special Fund was set up to immediately respond to social needs by means of practical action, and to support the urgent needs of social vulnerable groups stricken by poverty, diseases, accidents and broken families. Through these assistances, the special fund promotes and spreads the spirit of love and care.

Details of Donation
  1. Hug Families Charity Day 2011
    • Date : 9th October 2011 (Sunday)
    • Time : 0900 – 1800
    • Venue : Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park ( Near Sai Ying Pun )
    • Purpose of Fundraising: To build a Family Wellness Centre in Tin Shui Wai (North) which will be launched in early 2011
    • Website :

  2. International Women's Day - ChariTea
    • Date: 8th March 2011 (Tuesday)
    • Content: Distribute "red dates tea" to women in several grassroots regions to express concern for women
    • Way to support: details of sponsorship programme to be announced
    • Purpose of fundraising: For Women Affairs Department to support the single-parent family service

Naming Donation

  1. Family Wellness Centres (Kowloon and Tin Shui Wai North)

    Our association is committed to promoting family wellness and has set up a total of 2 Family Wellness Centres in Kowloon and Tin Shui Wai North respectively. The purposes are twofold: first, to conduct various studies; second, to promote the six "family wellness vitamins" and provide preventive and extendable family services.

  2. Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge

    YWCA Youth Camp was put into service since 1968. The camp was rebuilt in 2008 and renamed as "Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge". The renovated holiday lodge continues to organize sports and adventure activities, and also pioneers "harmonious family camp" services which introduces the professional services of our "Family Wellness Centre”. The objective of such services is to reinforce participants’ knowledge in building a happy family through communal living experience and unique activities.

For details, please contact our Resource Development Department through call at 34791419, or email at

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