Multicultural Services
Services for local South Asians
Since September, 2002, the HKYWCA Tuen Mun Integrated Social Service Centre has commenced providing the students of Islamic Primary School in Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun with all-round student guidance services through the school social workers. There are around 400 South Asian students in the school. Our Centre supports the teachers, parents and students in the school by offering them comprehensive assistance services, including case studies, group work, volunteering activities and parent-child workshops, which all help students to grow healthily in the campus.
Our Centre has continuously been exploring new resources and applying for different funds to provide the South Asian students with diversified services. Besides, so as to expand the services that our Centre provides, we have also held various activities for the school, including tutorial groups, activities for growing, developing multiple intelligences as well as experiencing our community. All these aim to let the students develop and realize their potentials and know more about the resources in our community. These help facilitate the harmony between them and the locals, reaching cultural inclusion and mutual respect. 

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