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Women’s Voice, first published in 1935, was the only local magazine that spoke for women then. We advocated equal opportunity for education, equal pay for equal work for both sexes, freedom of marriage, monogamy, women’s right of succession to estates, welfare for women and children etc.

Nowadays, except arousing public interest on local women affairs and making announcements about the Association’s latest development, we also educate our readers about global hot issues on gender equality.

Women's Voice is only available in Chinese.
2017年 春季
2016年 冬季
2016年 秋季  
2016年 夏季
乾涸以後 靜待恩雨降臨
2016年 春季
敢創我夢 朱古力雨下的夢奴
2015年 夏季
衝破玻璃天花板 八爪魚媽媽
2015年 春季
2014年 冬季