World YWCA International Training Institute
Young Women Leaders Attended World YWCA
International Training Institute in Seoul 
Our young woman leader was honoured to be selected to attend YWCA International Training Institute held in Seoul, Korea on 8-13 November 2012 with 50 women representatives, including 40% young women, from YWCAs across 30 countries to address the issue on violence against women and peace building. The six-day intensive training included sharing on experiences and best practices across regions, and developing skills and understanding of international mechanisms for the protection of women’s human rights.
Participants learnt a lot throughout the training. The Rose Campaign of YWCA Canada makes use of the Internet to promote the prevention of violence against women, as well as increasing the awareness of the public and government officials on the issue. “In Her Shoes Exhibition” of Trinidad and Tobago YWCA reveals the stories of women suffering from violence through high heels.
The most unforgettable session of the training was a documentary film about the rape victims during wartime. Participants felt sad to see the sufferings of the women and kids and they were even more determined to provide assistance to women who encountered similar trauma. Besides, participants were also given the chance to visit the mysterious Korean Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea on an extremely cold day.

The training provides a valuable opportunity for participants to reflect about how to help women suffering from violence and to increase social awareness towards the issue.

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