Work Ethic
Women’s voice is still weak
Understanding women’s conditions all over the world through figures provided by the United Nations
  • Over 70% of the world’s 13 billions of poverty-stricken population are women.
  • In national parliaments, on average only 10% of the members are women while in government cabinets, only 6% are women.
  • In developing countries, every two out of three in the 9-billion illiterate populations are women.
If policy-makers hope that the country can improve economy, reduce poverty, they must promote the status of women. In developing countries, more than half of the foods are produced by women. They also shoulder a lot of "not to be calculated" household chores; therefore the contribution of women to society is more than what people think.
Promoting women’s development is multifaceted. One of the most important elements is to cultivate their leadership skills and to equip them with the ability to voice — a voice that can influence the world.
World YWCA Women’s Movement
World YWCA has been at the forefront of improving the conditions of women for more than one hundred year. In over 125 countries, through "Women's Movement" it cultivates women leaders to become the “Power to Change”.
The principle of the movement is to nurture women leaders who possess a gender perspective and compassion for women’s needs. These leaders should care about women's rights and be willing to speak for women. Through their influence, these women’s leaders create for disadvantaged women social conditions and environment conducive to their development, and empower women under unequal treatment with rights in order to move towards gender equality.
Our association is based upon the principle of "nurturing women leaders and cultivating successors for YWCA’s movement who are willing to speak up for women and fighting for their welfare." The participation of women leaders is vital to the service and ministries of YWCA. Ideal leaders should possess vision, commitment and determination in their quality. Also, they should be persistent in achieving goals, critical and independent in thinking and good at interpersonal relationships. Other criteria include social-networking capabilities, international perspectives, a heart for the motherland and capability to connect with the international world. Therefore, the development of women leaders has been recognized as one of the key services of our association.

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