Key Services
“Women’s Voice” Young Women Leadership Training Programme
Programme Objectives::
  1. Cultivate young women to become future leaders of good characters.
  2. Enhance the awareness of young women in gender equality and the understanding of gender issues
  3. Develop young women’s independent thinking and problem-solving skills
  4. Strengthen young women’s communication and interpersonal skills and help them to exhibit leadership and build team spirit
  5. Broaden the international horizon f young women
Service Target Young women (17-25 years old)
Service Introduction Women’s Voice: Young Women Leadership Training Programme” began in 2004. It has been held for three times up to now. Apart from the college category, this 4th programme also introduces the secondary school category. Through sharing of celebrity guests in launching ceremony of the programme, leadership training camp and various workshops, participants come to understand gender issues such as women in economy, social participation, health, family and female images. The programme conducts diverse women-centered studies and advocates gender equality. Leaders of outstanding teams are given the opportunity of local and international exchanges, that they can continue to concern local gender issues and speak for women.
Hong Kong Outstanding Young Women Volunteers Election
1.In recognition of outstanding volunteer works by young women volunteers
2.To encourage more women to participate in voluntary works and to contribute to the society
Serve Target Women (18-45 years old) with an accumulated 3 or more years of experience in volunteer service
Service Introduction “Hong Kong Outstanding Young Women Volunteers Election” began in 1992. Six sessions have been held up to now. This election gains widespread support in society and the winners receive public recognition.
Fu Kwong Club
Programme Objective 1.Concern women’s “physical, psychological, social and spiritual” needs.
2.Nurture women’s individual ability and facilitate family harmony.
Service Target Housewives or retired women over 40 years old.
Service Introduction Fu Kwong Club’s work began in 1940, a span of 70 years. The fellowship, first formed by housewives, promotes friendships, learning exchanges, development of potentials and reinforcement of family life education among women through small group activities. The fellowship currently has over 500 members, which are divided into 15 groups. The activities are led and organized by group leaders and members. There are also 7 other work groups, which include spiritual, academic, performing art, fitness, fraternal, service and braiding group. Each group is led and organized by group leaders. The fellowship constantly holds activities, small group activities and performs social services, etc. Annually, over 10 thousand person-time participated.

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