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The importance of Hong Kong’s cultivation of women’s leaders
According to the data of Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, the past 20 years witnesses the multiple increase of the median monthly salary of women in all industries. The number of women receiving higher education has increased from 47 thousands in 1986 to nearly 80 thousands last year, an average increase of 3.5% each year. The proportion of female students studying Education Commission’s sponsored courses in universities has also increased from 33% to 55%. Women’s salary rises with their level of education. In addition, many women assume senior ranks in the government. Twenty years ago, there were only 35 female directorate civil servants but there are more than 200 now, an increase of nearly eight times
On the surface, the status of Hong Kong women is good. However, it does not reflect the reality. According to a survey released by Hong Kong Women's Commission, women who work in business and the private sector do not usually occupy senior management positions. Only about 1 / 4 in these senior positions are women. Data also show that more than 20 percent of the male working population occupies the top management positions, but now only 9% of the female working population can be promoted to senior positions.

As a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong plays an important role in the global context. The voice of Hong Kong people and women should also be heard. The HKYWCA has been committed to promoting women's moral, intelligence, physical and social development. We are also the largest women's organization in Hong Kong. We are equipped with the capacity to cultivate young outstanding women leaders and are dedicated to the nurturing of social talents in Hong Kong.

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