Current Key Services
Women’s Voice Alumni Association
Programme Objective 1.Strengthen young women leaders’ connection.
2.Reinforce their concern for women issues and voice for women from a young woman’s angle.
Service Target Former “Women’s Voice” Young Women Leaders
Service Introduction Women’s Voice Alumni Association was established in March 2008 for former leaders of “Women’s Voice”. It organized programmes such as: “women’s property right workshop”, volunteer visits to elderly in farms, leadership training camp and leadership exchange activities. Members of the association have attended the “YWCA Movement and Women's Leadership Seminar”, which enhanced their understanding of the World YWCA movement, the work of women's affairs committee in Hong Kong as well as the trends of women's issues. Alumni also responded to a number of women-related matters. Through writing press releases based on the theme of violence in love relationships, they helped to raise public awareness and concern.
Outstanding Women Volunteers Association
Programme Objectives 1.Advocate and promote the cultivation of outstanding women volunteers in Hong Kong
2.Strengthen the links and communication among outstanding women.
3.Facilitate the leading role of outstanding women in promoting volunteer work and initiating women’s participation in society
Service Target Past winners of the Outstanding Young Women in Hong Kong
Service Introduction Service Introduction: Members of the association with expertise in different services are invited to carry out volunteer training or share their experience. They also organize women's leadership training, exchange programmes among volunteers and social services. They are responsible for holding regular meetings and officer elections; they participate in the society and are concerned about women's issues.

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