World YWCA Council & International Women’s Summit
Nearly 1000 Women Leaders gathered at Zurich,
attending the World YWCA Council & International Women’s Summit 
Hong Kong YWCA Delegation was headed by our President, Mrs. Patricia Ling. It consisted of seven delegates from staff, board and committee levels.
The World YWCA Council & International Women’s Summit was held in Zurich of Switzerland from 10 to 16 July, 2011. The theme was “Women Creating a Safe World”. The conference had attracted over 850 women leaders from 125 delegations. The content was very comprehensive, including Movement Building & Leadership Pre-council, International Women’s Summit (IWS) and Business Meeting.
In the Movement Building & Leadership Pre-council, participants could reflect issues like women leadership, human rights and corporate governance. Young Women‘s Leadership Dialogue was also tailored made for women leaders under 30 years old. The pre-council prepared the participants to attend the IWS in the coming two days.

The opening of International Women’s Summit (IWS) was kicked off by the presentation of Mary Robinson Award. This award was firstly launched to appreciate the individuals and organizations which had outstanding contribution in women human rights. The summit had invited many renowned speakers, like Dr. Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women. The summit consists of four plenaries focused on women’s violence, sexual & reproductive rights, safe place for women and girls. There were 50 breakout sessions which helped participants to reflect their learning and promote mutual exchanges.
Business Meetings was another highlight of the conference. According to the tradition, all delegates dressed up in national costume, conveying the message of diversity and unity. During the business meeting, the work strategy framework 2012-2015 was set up. The three foci were Women’s Intergenerational Leadership, Women’s Rights, Movement Building and Good Governance. Moreover, the election and installation of the new World Board was taken place.
There were 3 exhibitions, namely “Rosenstrass 76”, “No Women -No Peace”, “Peace Quilt”, in the conference hall. These exhibitions displayed the situation of violence, women’s resilience and their contribution in the face of adversity. Besides, delegations also set up counters in the KalYdosope, demonstrating their products and programmes of their home countries. Through the selling of handmade products, HKYWCA delegates also introduced our service and built up network with the YWCA sisters.

The experience of attending the World YWCA Council Meeting and IWS was very fruitful and inspiring. For details, please refer to World YWCA website at

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