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Volunteers wanted for 1.13 HKYWCA Flag Day
Acquaintance with people always implies unlimited possibilities. A flag sticker that you buy will help turn your warmest heart into a hopeful foundation of someone's life; and help them access to different windows and doorways of their life journeys. "One flag, one encounter" is the realisation of millions of journeys. HKYWCA will organise the Flag Day in 2018 to raise fund for developing the self-financed social services in the Kowloon Centre. Please give a hand to support us!

After five years’ of hard work, the Kowloon Centre will be back in service soon as its renovation has almost completed. It is the first innovative “One-stop Social Service Hub”, with Family Wellness Centre, Y Care Elderly Centre, Y Evergreen Learning Centre and Y Plus+ Talent Development Centre, in Hong Kong to provide comprehensive services to people in need. The self-financed service are set up to meet the impending needs of the community upon the increasing challenges arising from alienated family relationship, ageing population, and youth unemployment problem.

HKYWCA is grateful to have been granted the permission to organise Flag Day on Jan 13, 2018 (Saturday) in Kowloon region. We welcome you to join the meaningful event that aims to help the needy.


The success of the Flag Day will depend greatly on the participation from the community. You are invited to support HKYWCA Flag Day by:
1. Becoming a flag selling volunteer
2. Purchasing Gold Flag (details will be available later) 
3. Becoming a corporate partner to help promote the event to your staff
4. Becoming a media partner to help promote the event
5. Circulating this message to encourage your friends and colleagues to participate

For any enquiries, feel free to contact any of our services centres, or the Communication and Resources Development Department at 3476 1419. 


Remarks: The Director of Social Welfare has given approval to three organizations to sell flags on Hong Kong Island region, in Kowloon region and the New Territories region respectively on 13 January, 2018 and HKYWCA is authorized to conduct flag sale in Kowloon region on that day.

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