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HKYWCA organised “Dream Exchange Market” for grassroots families


HKYWCA Western District Integrated Social Service Centre and Central and Western District Office of HKSAR Home Affairs Department held the “Dream Exchange Market” at Mount Austin Playground, the Peak last month. Upholding the theme of “without boundary, dream exchange”, the market aimed at bringing grassroots and other families in the district together to explore dreams.

The participants decorated the stalls and displayed necessities, toys, stationery, etc that were second-hand yet in good condition and suitable for exchange. They got the goods from others by offering their own items or showcasing their talents. They also shared their dreams by writing down on the cards in the dream exchange area. They received encouragement by knowing there are other people working hard to achieve their goals.

There were different game zones for the children too, for example, storytelling area, obstacle race and visual perception activities that helped develop children’s sensory integration, and toys DIY booth. Besides, performance on magic, Chinese martial arts, ukulele, Djembe, etc allowed the children to explore different types of knowledge and talent, and enjoy a joyful afternoon.

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