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Sinomax volunteer team visited elderly with “Love and Care” before Mid-Autumn Festival

Sinomax organised the “Love and Care” event and made home visits to solitary and underprivileged elders before the Mid-Autumn Festival, hoped to show them care and blessing in this festive occasion.   

The elders living alone do not have relatives paying visits regularly. They felt extremely happy about the volunteer team's visit and welcomed them in the doorway. The volunteers gave the food and necessities pack to the elders as welcome gift, which consisted of Sinomax cushion, towel, biscuits, noodles, etc, not to mention the festival mooncakes. The volunteers chose mooncakes with assorted nuts and low sugar white lotus seed paste, that are tasty and healthier for the elders. They chatted with the elders and decorated the apartment with lanterns. They also wished the elders good health by teaching them how to prevent falls and do simple exercise with towel. 

After visiting the elderly, some of the volunteers got sad about the lack of love for the elders; some worried about the poor living environment. They hence reminded themselves to treasure the time spent with their parents and show more love and care when possible.
Thanks to Sinomax volunteer team for organising the elderly visiting event. The underprivileged elderly were happy to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.  

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