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“The University of Markets” showed Sham Shui Po’s humanistic spirit

A six-day exhibition was staged by the Association’s Sham Shui Po Integrated Social Service Centre earlier, to showcase the old stores’ story in the area. Tours and workshops were organised to let participants learn about the community.

The “10 Stories 100 Pieces” exhibition was framed as a display of a “university” of markets, and was conceived by a group of students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, after conducting oral history interviews with stall operators. It successfully showed the unique characters of different stalls in Shek Kip Mei Market.

Another signature event was the market guided tour lead by young docents from “10 Stories 100 Pieces”. Stalls that have existed for a long time were visited, and participants learnt about the market culture, the changes over the years, and the preservation of handicraft, by meeting stall owners. Other events included “food saving” tour, pop-up books workshop, and market planning workshop.

Sham Shui Po is one of Hong Kong’s oldest districts. HKYWCA gathered a group of youths and people living in the area who care about the place to start the “10 Stories 100 Pieces” Project. The participants have been determined to bring Hong Kong people to the interesting stories underneath the 100+ pieces of shop signboards, before the signboards disappear from the community. The project has brought people in the community together, and empowered them by encouraging them to participate in community planning.

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