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Secondary school girls worked on exhibitions about sexual harassment

Sponsored by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the Association’s Women Affairs Department organised a programme named “My Body My Rights. It is right to Say NO!”, to raise awareness on sexual harassment.

Fifteen girls from Tak Nga Secondary School joined the programme last year and received trainings on different concepts about sexual harassment. They then were given the chance to put what they learnt into practice by holding exhibitions.

In February, an exhibition was held in Tak Nga Secondary School and another one for the public was held in the Wave. Guests from EOC and schools, and 50 teenagers, both male and female, joined the public session. Male’s participation was highly valued, in response to the “He for She” campaign initiated by the United Nations in promoting gender equality. 

HKYWCA has been devoted to nurturing young women. The project showed the passion and leadership of the girls. To recognise the hard work of the young ladies, and to share the information with the community, a book featuring all programme details, training workshops and exhibition highlights was published. To get a free copy, please call 3443 1600.

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