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The 93-year-old devoted her life in helping the needy

Choi, an elder member of HKYWCA Sai Wan Social Centre for the Elderly, joined the 8-Hour Elderly Famine and was the individual who raised the most for the campaign. Unfortunately, Choi passed away and missed the famine event. Our staff received the recognition on behalf of her, wishing to spread the message of helping others.

Choi devoted her energies in her late life to helping people in need, as she came from a poor family and knew well how life in poverty is. This year is her tenth time joining the 8-Hour Elderly Famine. She participated in the programme in 2003 for the first time and since then, she had been eager to join every year, even after being diagnosed with cancer. Having the feeling that this year was her last year joining the programme, she had been trying very hard and raised over twenty thousand dollars. Despite lying sick in bed the week before the event, Choi would like to join in person very much. Sadly, she passed away the next morning after knowing herself as the champion in individual fund-raising category.

Choi left last month at the age of 93 in the presence of a pastor, a preacher and her family members. We are sorry for the loss of such a caring and persistent person. We wish that Choi returns to heaven in the love of God, and may her spirit long last on earth. 

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