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HKYWCA organised Gospel Luncheon about “Love and Family”

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city where many people focus on their career and neglect the importance of the relationship between family members. A gospel luncheon with “Love and Family” as the theme was successfully held on April 27. 80 participants, of which some were couples, joined to witness different stories about love.

Mr. Chan Yau, Anthony, member of the Wynners, a Hong Kong popular band, and famous actor, was invited to share his story. Anthony often worked overseas and spent very little time with his wife in early years. He felt helpless when he was told that his wife had severe sickness and was left with only a few months’ time. Despite being ill, Mrs. Chan brought Anthony to God and introduced him to the Bible, which calmed him a bit. Luckily, doctors found possible treatment for Mrs. Chan in the end and she has then recovered. Anthony was amazed by the process and learnt to treasure the time with his wife from then. 

Blessvision Foundation also joined the luncheon and shared their “Blessing Cup”, a combination of stories about love, hymns and Holy Scripture. Some participants were lucky to receive the MP3 with the content sent out by the Foundation. At the end of the luncheon, Woman Affairs Department’s choir sang hymns to deliver blessings to the participants.

HKYWCA Women Affairs Department organises a variety of events for woman, such as seminars, festive activities, volunteering services, etc. For more details, please visit our website or call 3443 1600. 

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