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JPMorgan Chase Service Corps consults for HKYWCA

The sustainable development of the Association is emphasised alongside with service innovations in order to cope with diverse social needs. Hence, HKYWCA participated in the JPMorgan Chase Service Corps Program to seek advice from experts to strengthen the stability of the Association’s development. 

Four highly seasoned management staff from JPMorgan Chase from the United States and Hong Kong offices, worked with our staff for three weeks. They efficiently mastered the key essence of our policies, operation workflows and processes through intensive meetings and site visits. With their professionalism, expertise and global vision, they developed the business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan for the Association’s central administrative and headquarter departments. The project aims at helping the departments to resume operations and critical processes as soon as possible in the event of significant incidents, so as not to affect the services at our centres.
The JPMorgan Chase Service Corps Program leverages the skills of the JPMorgan Chase worldwide team to help nonprofit partners optimize their impact on the community. HKYWCA is glad to be one of the participating non-profit organisations. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to JPMorgan Chase and the staff joining us. The valuable advices helped us and prepared our readiness to face the challenges ahead and to sustain development.

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