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“Simple‧Just” eNewsletter is now available online
HKYWCA launched the “Simple‧Just” Programme in 2015 to promote volunteering services. The hard work in the past two years is gradually delivering results. An eNewsletter for the Programme is now available to share the achievements and to encourage more participation from our corporate partners.

“Simple‧Just” Programme incorporates poverty alleviation and caring for the environment in volunteering services. We unite volunteers to help the needy in the society. Individuals and corporate partners are all welcome in order to bring the greatest impact to the community. The programme mainly serves people and families from the grassroots, singleton elderly, sub-divided units residents, families with children with special educational needs (SEN), etc.

“Simple‧Just” eNewsletter will be published on a regular basis, to report the latest development of the programme, number of volunteers and beneficiaries, list of supporting organisation etc. Sharing from volunteers will also be featured, hoping to raise people’s awareness and attract more people to join us.

If you are interested in the programme, please fill in the form here, or contact our Membership Affairs Team at 3476 1324. 

“Simple‧Just” eNewsletter: https://goo.gl/gv89aT

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