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“The Dawn Epic - Community Empowerment Programme” rounded off with exhibition and drama
Epic. Tin Shui Wai…, an event consisted of an exhibition and a drama, ended the Dawn Epic -- Community Building Project (“the Project”) organised by HKYWCA’s Tin Library. The Association was pleased to have Ms. Cheung Lai Kuen, Social Welfare Department Assistant District Social Welfare Officer (Yuen Long), Mr. Norman Ng, O9B7 Limited Chairman, Ms. Agnes Ho and Mr. Allan Kwan, O9B7 Limited Founding Members, Kam and Kyi, Dawn Epic Project actress and tour guide to officiate at the event.

The six major components of the Project were showcased in an exhibition to introduce the community work done during the last two years. After the ceremony, a drama about different stories of Tin Shui Wai was presented by the actors and actresses who loved the community. They described themselves as chefs and the drama as an excellent meal with the taste of Tin Shui Wai, which was made of stories and insights from the community.

The Project aimed at encouraging people living in Tin Shui Wai to actively take part in the community. Therefore, interaction was highly treasured. Audiences were given a thank you card, on which participants of the Project share their reflections, and a comment card, which invited feedback on the exhibition, the drama, and even the Project. The audiences pointed out that the programmes reflected the diversity of Tin Shui Wai and its residents, and proved that the place was not a city of sadness as outsiders imagined. 

Chan King Cheung, person-in-charge of Tin Library rounded off the Project with tears. “Doubt. Disapproval. Sometimes appreciation. People might have different comments on what we did. Yet, we believe we can bring changes to the community if we persist.” 

The Association would like to express our sincere thanks to O9B7 Limited for the support to the Dawn Epic – Community Building Project in the previous two years, marking all the different workshops and activities in Tin Shui Wai possible. The Project has proven that community empowerment is achievable. We will make good use of the power we gathered and extend its influence. For parties who are interested in joining hands with HKYWCA to carry out more initiatives, feel free to contact us. 

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