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“Build Your Dream” programme has ended with a mirthful ceremony

HKYWCA’s Family Wellness Centre has launched the HKYWCA Jockey Club Build Your Dream programme during 2014-2017, with the support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The programme has come to an end and an award presentation ceremony was held earlier in Hung Hom Community Hall.

The ceremony venue was decorated with colourful ballon arches and sculptures representing the top five children’s career aspirations. Paintings by the children were also displayed. Around 400 students and parents from the 2016-2017 programme attended the ceremony. The Association was honoured to have Ms. Lui Siu-ying, Micy, Social Welfare Department Acting Assistant Director (Family & Child Welfare), Ms. Imelda Chan, The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Head of Charities (Grant Making – Elderly, Rehabilitation, Medical, Environment & Family), and Mrs. Patricia Ling, MH, JP, HKYWCA’s President to be the officiating guests.

The award presentation ceremony started with a short video that had captured the essence of the programme throughout the years, and different participants’ heartfelt sharing. After the guests’ speeches, souvenirs were presented to various parties, including seven schools, many more mentors, mural painter, and two of the supporting organisations, including RTHK Production Services Division and Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services. 

Five huge balls, each with one character from “DREAM”, were passed to the participants from stage, implying everyone carrying forward one’s dream in daily life. The ceremony reached its climax when students from seven schools took turns and performed, including singing, drama, sports, recital, dancing, marching parade and catwalk show. Before the ceremony came to an end, award winning students received recognition from the guests and school representatives. 

“Build Your Dream” programme aimed at helping needy children to build confidence, explore their potentials and pursue personal life goals. It also encouraged interaction between parents and children, in order to build harmonious relations in the families. The programme served for an attendance over 30,000 and provided courses, activities like camping, work inspection, mural painting, and short trips in Hong Kong and to the mainland China. Participating schools appreciated the positive outcomes of the programme. Parents were also delighted to see their children being more confident and their family members becoming closer.

HKYWCA would like to thank different parties for their generosity and help: first of all, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for providing funding support; secondly, dozens of mentors who shared their time and priceless care for the children; last but not least, the twenty companies and organisations that welcomed the participants for a visit to expand their understanding of the world.

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