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3.8 YWCA Day - Nurturing young women, Voicing for the society

3.8 YWCA Day was celebrated last Saturday at Plaza Hollywood together with the award presentation ceremony of Glocal Y. Mr. Alvin Yeung and Ms. Eunice Yung, Legislative Council members, and Mr. Erwin Huang, Associate Professor and Senior Advisor in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology attended the event and discussed various topics with young female leaders of the Association. 

The theme of this year’s 3.8 YWCA Day is “Nurturing young women, Voicing for the society”, which echoed with the mission of Glocal Y, women empowerment. Three Glocal Y participants joined the discussion with the guests, and expressed their views on gender issues and other social problems. Ms. Eunice Yung mentioned her childhood dream as an astronaut led her to the studies of science before becoming a barrister. Her experience showed that girls should break through the gender role set by social norms and decide what subject to be studied according to one’s interest. Mr. Alvin Yeung made a self-deprecating humour and suggested that he played a supporting role in the event. He commented that the status of women in Hong Kong is relatively high and the society generally accepts women in managerial position, yet improvement is still possible.

Other than the discussion session on stage, Glocal Y participants performed a play about gender stereotypes, underlining how it affects the growth of a person. The 11 young ladies have received over 25 sessions of training about public speaking, policy advocacy, etc. since last August. Two of them will join the meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women in the United Nations’ headquarter in New York, United States, while all of them will exchange ideas and experiences with their counterparts in Australia in June.

The Association announced more programmes to be held on March 8, the International Women's Day. In the morning, HKYWCA staff and corporate volunteers will distribute free red-dates tea bags to show support to women all over Hong Kong. In the afternoon, booths will be set up at Plaza Hollywood to promote healthy lifestyle. All are welcome to enjoy the singing and dancing performances, charity sales, and to join the DIY workshops and physical fitness assessment.

Events at Plaza Hollywood (Click to enlarge; Chinese version only):

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