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HKYWCA CLAP Team organised a Korea Learning Trip

HKYWCA Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (CLAP Team) employed the rationales of adventure, exploration and autonomy in designing a Korea Learning Trip, which aims to bring youngsters away from their comfort zone and help them to better plan their future.

The programme consisted of three parts. The pre-trip training offered personality analysis for youngsters to know more about themselves and other participants. Participants were also required to set personal goal for the programme. Then, the Korea trip provided a stage for participants to make breakthroughs. They needed to find travellers from different countries to cheer for them, interviewed the host of a hostel, took Korean style passport photo, performed street dance and had Korean style make up class etc. They were expected to have strengthened their self-confidence and developed positive image by completing the tasks. The post trip review session allowed participants to look back at the whole trip and evaluate one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Some of them discovered their potentials while some improved their communication skills. A few were motivated to chase their dreams.

The CLAP team applied the concept of 3Ws in the programme. Firstly, we “work for youth”. Our social workers designed a series of training sessions to elaborate the impact of career and life adventure planning, to help youngsters to understand themselves and improve their ability in decision making, execution and crisis management etc. Secondly, we “work with youth”. The youngsters had to work with other participants and plan the itinerary, while our social workers acted as facilitators and helped to resolves their differences when needed. Thirdly, we offered opportunity to perform “work by youth”.  Participants were responsible to plan the street performance in Korea. They had to express themselves while accepting others’ opinions. They also learnt that compromises were sometimes necessary.

The Association would like to express our appreciation to Hong Kong Jockey Club for launching "CLAP for Youth @ JC" that allows different kinds of career and life adventure planning programmes for youngsters. For those who are interested in our services and activities, please subscribe to HKYWCA CLAP Team’s Facebook Page

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