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Chief Executive's Report

Yvonne Yeung

Stepping up the strategic development and capacity building

In 2016, the Association initiated the “Bold Steps” Strategic Plan (2016-2020) where six goals were formulated, including corporate governance and succession, YWCA Movement, ageing in place, supporting underprivileged and grassroots families, youth empowerment and development, and organisational sustainability and capacity building, with aim to bring positive and profound impacts on society and realize the mission of the Association.

Corporate governance and succession

Good governance and leadership play a prominent role in the development of an organisation. Apart from actively identifying and nurturing talents with matched expertise to join us as part of the leadership, we also endeavor to enhance the composition of the board and committees by conducting review on a regular basis. It is hoped that board and committee members can fully utilise and develop their professional knowledge and skills whereas the quality of service and effectiveness of governance can be enhanced. To nurture management talents with a sense of belonging and global vision, opportunities for training and overseas exchange were provided to board members and management staff. Their broader participation within the Association was also encouraged.

YWCA Movement

YWCA Movement is the cornerstone of the Association, so we have made continuous effort to embody the essence of its three components, namely Christianity ministry, membership and women affairs in the social services. To echo the HeForShe Campaign initiated by the United Nations, IMPACT Uni Transformative Leadership Scheme was launched this year to advocate both genders joining hands in working towards gender equality. It was also concerned about the situation of women in poverty and strived to speak up for grassroots women. To step up the integration of YWCA Movement, the Association takes active steps to liaise with local churches to preach the Christian faith. Various gospel programmes catered for women were organised such as the evangelistic luncheon and gospel seminar. Besides, we continued to advance the Y Hub to promote YWCA Movement within the Association and among the public through lively and interactive means so as to pass on the YWCA heritage.

Ageing in place

To promote community-based elderly service, the Association has been driving the development of a one-stop ageing-in-place platform, with the endeavor to support elders to lead a contented life in their neighbourhood through a diverse range of services so as to achieve synergy. They include Y Care Day Care Centre for the Elderly which provides service for frail elders and their carers; Y Senior Care which aims to enhance the living quality of elders; Y Silver Link Elderly Household Product Retail Store, where elderly household products and services can be purchased; and Y Fitness which advocates active ageing. Our fourth Y Care Elderly Centre was established in Sha Tau Kok this year to offer comprehensive healthcare support to elders living in remote areas and their carers. Besides, in view of intergenerational harmony being an integral part of elderly service, various initiatives such as Jockey Club Place for Healthy Ageing – Shared Space for Caring Community Intergenerational Project were launched. The Programme not only applied the concept of “Communal Space”, but also promoted reciprocal learning and appreciation across generations by teaming up with the youth centres and schools in the district in organising different intergenerational learning activities.

Supporting underprivileged and grassroots families

Since 2009, the Association has systematically developed and provided professional intervention and support service for people with special educational needs (SEN), with the initiative to promote an inclusive society. Y SENse, an interdisciplinary team comprising social workers, educational psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and child care workers, was set up on a self-financing basis to provide rehabilitation services to children in need and their families. In light of the advancement in technology, HOPE Chinese Words and Sentences Game Mobile App was launched to arouse children’s interest as well as assist children with dyslexia in learning Chinese. My Future Hero Project was also initiated to prepare SEN children for future challenges. Through job tasting, career and life planning camp and volunteer service, their problem-solving capabilities were enhanced to embrace possibilities in life.

Youth empowerment and development

The Association stresses that young people should have equal opportunity for community engagement and play an active role in it. Therefore, we are committed to fostering their self-understanding and cultivating their interests and talents for future development. With the belief that every youngster can realise their dream, YWCA Jockey Club Y Plus+ Talent Development Centre offered professional training courses on various subjects, where young people could gain exposure by participating in a variety of activities and turn their interest into profession through continuous learning. The Centre is also eager to collaborate with enterprises and schools in launching various employment and career planning services as well as professional training courses. As a women’s organisation, we devote ourselves to providing services catered for women. In this connection, Own Your Life Young Mothers’ Career and Life Planning Support Services was launched to address the needs of young mothers with life planning as the entry point. A variety of training and job attachment programmes were offered. They have not only developed their potential, but also built up self-confidence and positive values for pursuing their dream and planning for the future.

Organisational sustainability and capacity building

The Association has been actively involved in advancing the application of information technology in order to reinforce its capacity building. In addition to the ongoing enhancement of the Customer Relationship Management System, we have also been planning for the Enterprise Resources Planning System, in which data from multiple systems including human resources, finance and procurement will be consolidated, for the sake of increasing the administrative efficiency and facilitating the management to grasp the changes in society and flexibly adjust to the service needs. Besides, with our strong emphasis on talent development, a professional training institution was commissioned to organise the 3rd Management Training Scheme to enhance the leadership abilities of our management team and prepare for its succession. The 2nd YWCA Mentorship Scheme was also launched. Through exchange and sharing of personal experience, participants established a close and caring relationship with their mentors.

With God’s grace and presence, we attained outstanding achievements in various service development over the past year. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to every companion who has walked along and worked hand in hand with us. We shall continue to uphold our mission and always count on your continued support and encouragement on our journey towards the centenary of the Association.