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Chief Executive's Report


Ms. Yvonne Yeung

Inherit the Past and Usher in the Future

The year 2020 ushered in the important milestone of the 100th anniversary of the Association, and the smooth completion of Bold Steps launched in 2016. The Association has been developing steadily since the implementation of the plan five years ago. We shall learn from the past experience and plan for the organisation's development in the next five years. It is our wish that while we expand our services to respond to social needs, we will keep upholding the organisation's mission and its original intention.

Deepening the YWCA Movement

The Association is committed to the inheritance of the YWCA Movement and promotes women’s services with women’s support, women’s participation, women’s advocacy and women’s capacity building as its core areas. Hong Kong Women’s Voice Glocal Y Project, which has a history of more than 15 years, launched its sixth training this year to nurture young women to speak out for gender equality and social needs. This year’s Y•Hub was actively participated and promoted by our service units. The number of participants was the largest since its launch. Many community members and colleagues learned about the YWCA culture through fun and interactive activities. The board of directors, committee members and co-workers of the Association formed teams in 2019 Y Walker with the theme of “Love Letter in Sham Shui Po City" to visit our service units in the district to learn about the history and mission of the YWCA and the connections established with the community.

Promoting Aging in Place

To satisfy the rehabilitation and nursing needs of the elderly, the Association participated in the third phase of the Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly launched by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) and the service will be extended to September 2023. Besides, we have further enhanced the social-medical collaboration model to support elderly persons with dementia and their carers. After the launch of Dementia Community Support Scheme in Eastern District two years ago, the Scheme was also implemented in North District in May 2019, funded by the SWD. With the support of Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the “Stay with Health without Distance” Project will continue until July 2022 to promote the application of health management technology in community for enhancing the health management ability of the elderly. 

Supporting Disadvantaged and Grassroots Families

Realising our service mission of “life enhancement”, the Association actively develops family-oriented rehabilitation services for children with special educational needs. The multi-disciplinary team provides children with different positive nurturing opportunities, promotes family wellness and builds an inclusive culture. The pre-school rehabilitation service of our Association – Y Seeds Wellness Service has entered its fifth year of service. The Joint Principal and Administrative Staff Meeting was held for the first time. In addition to service introduction, training venue visits and theme sharing was conducted to facilitate schools to have a better understanding of the rehabilitation services of the Association. School representatives also shared their experiences, which helped establish closer collaboration and promote the professionalism of services. With the support of Social Welfare Department, new office was also established for further expansion of the service. Furthermore, the Association was commissioned by the government as one of the operators of the “Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions”. The service was named as “Y JOY Early Childhood School Social Work Service”, providing school-based social work services at kindergarten and nursery school.

Promoting Youth Empowerment and Development Opportunities

The Association has always attached importance to the social participation and personal development of young people. In today's rapidly changing environment, career development and life planning services are deployed to inspire young people to understand their interests and potentials, and help them establish and realise their aspirations. This year, the Association launched a project called “Be Your Life Designer – Women Empowerment Project”, providing career planning and personal consultation services for working and unemployed women, tertiary students and high school graduates. The "Dare to Dream" Life Planning Program strengthened secondary school students' understanding of different industries through a series of training, visits and experiential activities, and inspired their personal career planning directions. The “Career GPS VI” project cooperated with social service agencies to jointly design large-scale life planning programs to help young people master the direction of personal life planning through systematic training.

Enhancing Organisation's Sustainability and Capacity Building

We are also determined to enhance the sustainability of the organisation in terms of talent development and the application of information technology. For talent development, the Association actively collects the opinions of staff through regular and systematic reviews to make policy enhancement. It included the second organisational culture survey conducted this year, which helped us understand colleagues’ views on the organisational culture, its impact on employees’ attitudes and performance at work, as well as their mental health. The results helped us understand the needs of co-workers in different positions, and provide important reference for relevant policies and development strategies. At the same time, the Association also attaches importance to the personal and professional development of employees. Different service departments have conducted overseas exchanges during the year which have enriched our knowledge and experience, and brought about new ideas.

In terms of strengthening the application of information technology, the Association continued to optimise the Customer Relationship Management System, and prepared to build the Enterprise Resources Planning System. By integrating human resources, finance, and procurement system information and workflows, it improved operational efficiency and flexibility to cope with service expansion and changes in the social environment. We have also enhanced the existing information system infrastructure to comprehensively improve its stability and security to meet the needs of the Association’s development and prepare for the future use of cloud services.

I would like to extend my gratitude to various sectors for their kind recognition of our service, our corporate partners for their generous support and all concerned parties for their dedication to enable us to attain satisfactory results in various service development and overcome the challenges facing us. In future, we shall continue to inherit our founding mission and count on your collaboration for fulfilling the service purpose of “life enhancement”.