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YWCA Movement is a global women’s right movement that incorporates Christianity. By encouraging community participation, we provide women, even the weakest in the society, what they need, so that they can live with freedom, equality, dignity and prosperity. 

YWCA is not solely an organisation that provides social services, but a worldwide movement across race and region. We embrace similar mission as World YWCA and its more than 100 member associations around the globe, with the focus on three areas: Membership Affairs that promotes healthy development of one’s body, soul and interpersonal relationship; Women’s Affairs that advocates collaboration between genders, women’s empowerment and equal opportunities for both sexes; and Christian Ministry that cultivates life in abundance. We move with the times and yet follow God’s guidance to demonstrate justice, peace and the graceful will of half the population in this endless movement.

We will continue to advocate YWCA Movement in Hong Kong, in order to promote (1) gender equality and women’s empowerment, (2) women’s leadership and experience sharing, (3) volunteer and member nurturing, and (4) Christianity and gospel work.




The Christian faith is the foundation of YWCA. Inspired by the love of Christ, we aspire to help people grow and devote ourselves to serve the needy. To promote the Christian Ministry, we bridge local churches and communities, equip believers, coordinate people’s effort and preach the gospel. 


With “Enhancement of Life” as our ultimate goal, our members can attain personal growth by joining the diversified activities and services. They are welcome to join us as volunteer to serve the community. Through the Association’s international platform and network, our volunteers will have chance to broaden their horizons in intercultural exchange.


As a pioneer of women organisation in Hong Kong, YWCA has been aware of the needs of women, and endeavours to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment and leadership. We wish to construct a society with mutual respect between genders, with focus on “Support”, “Advocacy”, “Participation” and “Capacity Building”.