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Established in 1920, YWCA’s early projects focused mainly on women’s services. In response to the pressing needs of the society, the Association has bloomed into a diversified social service organisation with 100 service units, serving people ranging from infants to elderly with the service attendance exceeding 3 million annually.

YWCA needs your support in order to provide innovative and quality services in response to the ever changing society. Your generosity is important. Please act now and join hands with us to serve the underprivileged!

How can my donation help social service development?

Donation Image

General Donation

You are cordially invited to make donation to support the Association’s services.

We support online donation, direct bank deposit and crossed cheque.

You may also visit our centres and donate in person.

Official receipt eligible for tax deduction will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above.


Direct bank deposit / Transfer

Donations can be deposited to the following bank accounts. Please send us the bank deposit/transfer record together with the donation form by email / by post.

HSBC: 004-002-223105-001
Bank of East Asia: 015-514-40-05153-5



Please send us the FPS record together with the donation form by email / by post.

FPS Account No.: 3468170
Account Name: Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association


By Cheque

You can send a crossed cheque made payable to “Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association” together with the donation form to us.


In Person

You can make your donation at any of our centres. You may find the list of centres here.


Contact Email:
Mailing Address: Communication and Resources Development Department, Room 208, 2/F, 1 MacDonnell Road, Central, Hong Kong

Sponsorship Programmes

There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. 

However, good times are just around the corner if we receive timely assistance. 


The following sponsorship programmes aid people in need, including elderly suffering from dementia, 

women facing martial adversity, children with special education needs, etc.

We urge for your support so that we can provide support promptly.

Other Donation

Support Caregivers of Demented Patients

Support Women facing Marital Adversity

Support Dyslexic Students

Support Young Children with Special Needs

Support Women with Emotional Needs

Support Elderly suffering from Dementia

Support Someone with Depression

“Love and Care” Special Fund

General Donation

Policy Donation

In-kind Donations

donation - elderly


donation - child