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“Love and Care” Special Fund

"Love and Care" Special Fund


What social need is addressed in this programme?


  • Grassroots families are more vulnerable in times of sudden changes

Among the Association’s three millions service users, many of them come from the grassroots and low-income groups. When hard-up families meet unfortunate incidents like the death of a family member, accident, critical illness, unemployment, financial difficulties, unanticipated spending will bring massive pressure to the families.


How can this programme help the needy?


  • Let’s help the needy by filling the service gap and giving out cash promptly

YWCA members and/or service users can seek help from our social workers and apply for the “Love and Care” Special Fund if there is an emergency and they lack support from the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme or other available funds. Cash aid will be ready in three days after verification. Applicants may receive, on successful application, a maximum of HK$5,000, to settle the sudden expenses for funerals, moving house, other daily expenditure, etc.


How can you help?


  • Your support is crucial in helping people in desperate situations

With HK$10,000, you can help two families who need immediate cash aid. Everyone experiences ups and downs. Timely support is very important when one falls on hard times. Give the needy a helping hand, and fill their future with hope!


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