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5-Sense Training Day Camp

Support Caregivers of Demented Patients



What social need is addressed in this programme?

Research showed that the great outdoors help slow down the progression of dementia and relieve the pressure of the caregivers. While people seldom go out because of the coronavirus, it is alarming that around 45% of the people who died from COVID-19 had dementia. With enough financial and transportation support, people can grasp the opportunity arisen from the subsiding epidemic trend to enjoy nature activities, and hence protect themselves from the life-threatening pandemic.

How can this programme help the needy?

In the 5-sense training day camp, elderly and their caregivers can enjoy 3 major activities, that slow down the progression of dementia by stimulating the patients’ senses, including sight, smell, touch, hearing etc. 


1. Forest Therapy

The gentle breeze in the woods, and the nature’s orchestra with the birds chirping and bees buzzing help participants to relish slow living and connect with the nature.


2. Earth Oven Baking DIY

Participants will knead the dough and prepare colourful toppings for the pizzas. They will have the chance to use the earth oven too.


3. Picasso’s Workshop

Twigs, leaves, flowers etc. can be decorative. Participants will collect useful materials in the campsite and get creative in designing their own artwork. 

How can you help?

For every HK$10,000 donation, at most 10 families with demented members will be able to take part in the 5-sense training day camp. Relationship between the patients and their caregivers will be improved after spending a day together, enjoying the pleasure brought by the great outdoors. You may also donate $500 to sponsor one person suffering from dementia or one caregiver to join the camp.