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Support Elderly suffering from Dementia



What social need is addressed in this programme?


  • A new patient in every 4 seconds, which troubles countless families

There are around 100,000 demented patients in Hong Kong. Studies show that the number will increase dramatically to 330,000 in 2039. While people often mistake dementia for memory loss, patients will actually deteriorate with impaired functioning in daily activities. In late stage, they may become totally dependent, and some cannot even recognise their relatives. The carer’s responsibilities and being seen as a stranger is a torment to the patients’ family members. Early intervention is essential to retain patients’ dignity and maintain domestic harmony.


How can this programme help the needy?


  • Support for elderly and carers in the community and nursing homes

Community Education: Arouse people’s attention to the health of the brain 

Early assessment: Provide assessment, and referral if necessary, for elderly who show signs of degeneration 

Cognitive training: Improve patients’ social and cognitive ability with evidence-based methods, e.g. reminiscence therapy, sensory stimulation, therapeutic horticulture, etc.

Training for carers: Provide family members and foreign domestic helpers knowledge on caring skills and help establish positive attitudes

Emotional Support: Set up hotlines, counselling services and support groups for information sharing and mutual support

Day Respite Service: Arrange temporary day care service to ease the pressure on the carers, and provide rehabilitation and cognitive training to the elderly to prevent rapid deterioration


How can you help?


  • Help the patients to fight against confusion, helplessness and anxiety

For every HK$10,000 donation, eight families will be provided with related training and home care services for four months. Demented patients can then enjoy timely intervention to delay their physical and cognitive decline, and their family and carers will receive understanding and support that they long for.


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