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Support Women facing Marital Adversity



What social need is addressed in this programme?


  • Pressure of separated and/or divorced women

According to the data provided by the Census and Statistics Department, number of divorce decrees granted reached a record high of 19,597 in 2011. In the same year, there were 81,705 single-parent families, in which single mothers accounted for 64,040, which had climbed 35.6% when compared to 47,215 ten years ago. The Association’s research on “Hong Kong Women’s Views on separation and divorce” done in 2013 showed that women felt helpless and became depressed after separation or divorce. Around 15% found no one available to help and talk to. They scored only 4.53 (out of 10) when it came to information about related social services. The research indicated that women lack support and are stressed in times of difficulties.


How can this programme help the needy?


  • Holistic care for the concerned parties

Services like counseling, art therapy, mutual support group and more are provided in a women-oriented approach. Our professional team, which consists of psychiatrists, lawyers, financial planners, artists, social workers, clinical psychologists etc., provides comprehensive support according to the problems the service users face. Other than helping the women to face martial adversity and rebuild self-esteem, we also pay attention to the relationship between single mothers and their children, and offer assistance in providing a favourable environment for the kids to grow. 


How can you help?


  • Not to lower one’s self-worth because of a failed marriage
    Your support helps them to reshape their lives

For every HK$10,000 donation, ten single mothers and their children can enjoy services and parent-child activities for four months. Help them get over the pain and live a brand new life with hope and happiness.


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