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Support Someone with Depression



What social need is addressed in this programme?


  • Depression brings broken families and lost lives

Study shows that around 4 in 100 Hong Kong people have depression, of which 8.2% have come across thoughts of committing suicide. According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 100 million people suffering from depression, yet less than 25% will seek effective treatment. The impact of this population to the society is huge as depression destroys family relationships, lowers overall productivity, and increases the burden of the medical system. It is urgent and necessary to call for attention to mental health.


How can this programme help the needy?


  • Integrated therapy offered by cross-disciplinary experts

Social workers, counsellors and clinical psychologists work together to deal with patients’ emotional management and mindset development. At an affordable price, patients can enjoy professional assessments, counselling, cognitive therapy, and other activities good for one’s well-being, as research shows that holistic approach that combines medication and cognitive therapy is the best way to treat depression and the cure rate reaches 80%. 


How can you help?


  • Bring happiness and hope to the depressed 

For every HK$10,000 donation, you can provide six-month treatment to five patients suffering from depression. They will be able to join counselling sessions, cognitive training groups and activities that bring pleasure and satisfaction. Lend them a helping hand in their search of a positive self.


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