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Support Women with Emotional Needs

YWCA Monthly Donation Campaign to raise fund for Women with Emotional Needs



YWCA donation campaign for postnatal women

Newborn babies bring joy, and stress

  • Everybody around me comments on my way of raising my child. It’s annoying!

  • Why don’t you accompany me after giving birth to my sister?

  • Why does my baby cry all day? Is he sick?

  • How come the wound doesn’t heal after so many days?

A postnatal woman = a babysitter + a health consultant + a mediator...


Phone Counselling Services for New Mothers

  • The only comprehensive counselling service for new mothers set up in 2000 to fill the service gap then

  • A team with psychiatrists, paediatricians, midwives, social workers and hotline volunteers 

  • Emphasise early identification and support for new mothers with symptoms of postnatal depression to prevent tragedies

Scope of Services

  • Professional assessment before the new mothers are discharged

  • Four to six weeks evaluation through phone calls 

  • Follow-up for suspected postnatal depression cases

  • Referral of social service resources

  • Counselling hotline


YWCA donation campaign for working mothers and full-time moms

The race against time for modern moms never stops

  • I don’t want to be a monster parent. I just want my kid to be well-rounded.

  • I was told that my kid has stood on his own just now. How many more moments like this will I miss?

  • How can I pick up my child from school while accompanying elderly family member for out-patient visits?

  • I devote my time to my child 24/7. Why is he still so naughty?

A mother in modern times = a breadwinner + an education consultant + a nutritionist + an event planner for the children + a household cleaner...


Family Wellness Centre

  • A self-financed service established in 2007 to advocate family wellness in a strength-based approach

  • A team with senior counsellors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists

  • Enhance the interaction and relationships between family members, and promote family wellness

Scope of Services

Emotional Health Services

  • Support group for parents to care for one’s own emotional needs

  • Workshops on how to collect one’s thoughts 

  • Parenting courses on parent-child play time and reading strategies

Emotional Counseling Services

  • Professional counselling services on personal growth, marriage and family

  • Hotline service


YWCA donation campaign for divorced women

Getting a divorce is not just the end of a marriage

  • I know nothing about the laws. How could I safeguard the interests of myself and my children?

  • How should I respond if my children ask me if they have to choose between me and their father?

  • My husband doesn’t want me anymore. People say I’m not a competent wife. Am I really that bad?

  • I have been a housewife for more than 10 years. Can I get a job?

A divorced woman = a newbie in the workforce + a breadwinner + a “father”...


Self-strengthening Programme for Divorced Women

  • Service started in 1997 to care for the physical and mental needs of the divorced women

  • Provide emotional support for women to fill the gap in the existing family services

  • Take care of the divorcees and help them to get over the incident from a women-oriented perspective 

  • Strengthen the relationship between single-moms and their children

Scope of Services

  • Individual counselling

  • Marriage therapy 

  • Mutual support platform for single-parents

  • Free legal advice


How can you help?

Clear the air and rebuild one’s life

For a century, YWCA strives to serve people in Hong Kong, especially women and their families. We are fully aware of the importance of getting to the root of the problem, alongside medication, when dealing with women with emotional needs.

With reference to the profound experience in serving women, our team of specialists, including psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, clinical psychologists, etc., take care of those in need in a women-oriented approach, and support them to get rid of any unhealthy thoughts.

With a monthly donation of HK$100, you can support 4 women who need emotional support. Let’s join our hands to help postnatal women, full-time moms, working moms and divorced women to live a happy and fruitful life.


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