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Young Mother’s Career and Life Development Supportive Service

Young Mother's Career and Life Development Service


What social need is addressed in this programme?


A survey conducted by YWCA and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020 found that young mothers generally have lower level of education, strained relationships with their families and lack social support.


YWCA has been committed to offering one-stop career and life development supportive service to young mums and expectant mothers, assisting them to perform the role of a mother while continuing to pursue study, career and other possible life goals.

How can this programme help the needy?

Service target: Young mums aged 24 or under and their children


Service includes:

Postnatal care and child coaching services: Professional post-natal care helpers facilitate speedy recovery of the new young mums and relieve the stress of looking after the newborn baby

Parent-child playgroup: Through programme designed by professional tutors, young mums may observe and learn about their children's development

Skill training: Mentors help young mums to explore their potential, learn different skill sets and participate in community services, which is essential for reintegrating into the community

Pre-employment training: Professionals will provide advice and equip young mums with the skills to translate their own strengths into career

Work experience: Young mothers will learn marketing strategies to sell their products, and/or use their skills to teach classes, which will become a new source of income

Work opportunities: Part-time positions will be offered to enrich one’s skills and experience, so as to enhance workplace competitiveness

Child care services: To free young mums from the role of care-taker in order to participate in different trainings and work placement

Young Mothers' Club: An exclusive support network for young mums to get peer support during the search for the future

Parenting information and resources: To provide newborn supplies and information of social services for young mothers with financial difficulties


How can you help? 

Every dollar counts! 

❤HK$100: To provide 2 hours of child care services that free young mums to attend classes

❤HK$500: To provide 1 session of parent-child playgroup to enhance parenting skills

❤HK$1,000: To provide 2 sessions of professional training on job skills 

❤HK$2,500: To provide newborn baby essentials for a young mum with financial difficulties