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AEON X YWCA Fundraising

Start the new year by supporting SEN children


SEN New Year Fundraising Programme


From 1 January to 28 February, donation boxes will be placed at all AEON stores and supermarkets to raise funds for YWCA Y SENse service.

Y SENse is a self-financed service to support and empower children with special educational needs (SEN). It provides comprehensive, quality and interdisciplinary support to SEN children and their parents, teachers and social welfare workers. It also endeavours to build a healthy environment for kids to develop their talents.


SEN Focus Station


An interdisciplinary team of educational psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech therapists provides assessment, counselling and customised trainings for children with dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, and speech and language impairment, to improve their learning ability, social emotions, behaviours etc.


SEN emotion kit


How can you help?

With your support, SEN children can overcome the barriers

For every HK$900 donation, you can provide a SEN kid with professional training, so as to provide timely support to the child and his/her family.