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Yip's Chemical donated sanitizing products to over 3,000 underprivileged families

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, disinfection products have become essential, and these consumables bring heavy burden to the underprivileged families. The Association was glad to receive the donation from Yip’s Chemical Holdings Limited (“Yip's Chemical”), so that we can provide anti-pandemic supplies for the grassroots and single mothers. 

Yip's Chemical supported the Association’s anti-pandemic campaign by donating more than 6,000 bottles of its brand new sanitization products, and sending volunteers to our Shatin Integrated Social Service Centre to help pack and distribute the product kits, in which there were an EUCA moisturizing hand sanitizer, a kids-friendly EUCA alcohol-free hand sanitizing foam, a hand-hygiene teaching pack and a red dates tea bag. Moreover, the volunteers met some of the beneficiary families and explained how to use the products. It did not only help people financially, but also provided care for the underprivileged.  

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