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PARKnSHOP organised Elderly Free Food Coupon Shopping Day

The Free Food Coupon for Senior Citizens Programme has served the 7 consecutive years. Underprivileged elders have benefited greatly from the scheme and the Free Food Coupon Shopping Day, co-organised by PARKnSHOP and HKYWCA. 

PARKnSHOP volunteer team accompanied elderly living in Tuen Mun to go shopping in an INTERNATIONAL supermarket in On Ting Shopping Centre. Elders redeemed food and necessities that they want with the coupons. Later when they were back in the Association’s centre, the volunteers partnered with the elders to prepare dumplings and make DIY flowers. The elderly enjoyed a nice afternoon and were grateful with all the goods they got from the supermarket.

The Association highly appreciates the continuous support from PARKnSHOP and its volunteer team. We wish the collaboration will go on and provide assistance to the underprivileged. 

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