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HKYWCA joined “The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2019”

The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2019 was held on May 20. HKYWCA nominated over 100 corporate partners and all of them were awarded the “Caring Company” or “Caring Organization” Logo. This remarkable achievement acknowledged our efforts in promoting corporate social responsibility.

“Unleashing Potentials” was used as the theme of this year’s design to introduce the services of Y Plus+. A swimming pool filled with gashapon capsules was set up to illustrate how we act as a manpower development platform by providing diversified services. The capsules represent the four options Y Plus+ offers to our partners,  i.e. manpower training, social responsibility, staff caring and corporate collaboration. 

The pool with colourful capsules attracted a lot of attention. Visitors were invited to pick one from the pool in order to know more about our services, so as to tailor plans and solutions to their needs. 

For more information about Y Plus+, please contact us at 2700 1788 or via email: yplus@ywca.org.hk

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